Wed | Jan 16, 2019

INDECOM concerned no disciplinary action against senior cops

Published:Tuesday | March 13, 2018 | 4:36 PMJerome Reynolds

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has renewed concern that neither the Police Service Commission (PSC) nor the Commissioner of Police has initiated disciplinary proceedings against 20 senior cops cited for wrongdoing.

In a report to Parliament, INDECOM informed that there has been no movement on the matter in the past two and a half years.

The oversight body indicated that it wrote to the PSC in June 2017 asking why it has not acted on the investigations into certain actions of cops.

INDECOM said the PSC replied indicating that it does not conduct investigations and that it takes into consideration reports from the Commissioner of Police.

INDECOM said it again wrote to the PSC last October asking if it has interpreted the Police Service Regulations to mean that it can only act on the investigations of the Commissioner of Police.

INDECOM also asked the PSC how it planed to treat the tardiness the Commissioner of Police in making reports to the Commission regarding the disciplinary proceedings.

It said in its response the PSC indicated that the matter was sent to the Attorney General for an opinion.

INDECOM said in January it again wrote to the Commission, this time pointing out that it had not answered the original questions.

The police oversight body also asked the PSC to say whether the initiation of disciplinary proceedings were awaiting a report from the Commissioner of Police and, if so, how it intends to deal with the protracted delay.

According to INDECOM, despite the absence of a comprehensive response, it may be viewed that the PSC considers itself unable to initiate disciplinary proceedings unless, and until, the Commissioner of Police submits a report.

INDECOM further said, it seems that the action of the Commissioner of Police is the determining factor in all disciplinary proceedings as he may, by mere inaction, prevent any disciplinary proceedings that he does not favour from going ahead.

It argues that if this is the case then the independent authority of the PSC is rendered illusory.

INDECOM recommended that the PSC treats the Commissioner of Police’s delays in submitting reports as a serious breach of discipline. 

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